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Due to unforseen circumstances and the death of our very beloved family dog whom we've had since I was a little kid, I have decided to take some time away from art and such but plan to return in August or even possibly later this month.
Art Trade| Pretty Boy
This is my contribution to the art trade I did with my good friend BuulsSpooky and she requested draw her OC Pretty Boy. I'm so proud of how he turned out and I threw in the darker element with the dismembered and bleeding teddy bear in tribute to her art :3

Also I decided against any content filter due to there being no actual blood and only nonsentiant teddy bear dismemberment
Amelia Taylor
I've been wanting to make a Harry Potter OC for awhile but I never really had the inspiration until now. First time I've drawn an owl as well. And sorry about the color quality. I discovered with this drawing that my cheap color pencils don't work as well as I'd like with my new sketchbook.


Name: Amelia Belle Taylor

Nicknames: Amy (used by classmates and friends), Amy Bell (used by her mother), Mel (used by her father), Am (Pronounced as Aim and is used by her little sister and originates from a time when she couldn’t say Amy properly)

DOB: Jan 27th, 1998

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Cis Female

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Blood Status: Half Blood

School Of Magic: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House: Ravenclaw

Current Year: Seven

Best Core Classes: Charms and Transfiguration

Worst Core Classes: Herbology, Astronomy, and Divination

Electives: Muggle Studies (which she took believing it would be easy with her knowledge of muggles from her mother and family on her mother’s side and the fact she was raised as a muggle until her magical abilities showed) and Care of Magical Creatures (she regrets this one as she quickly found out cats aren’t the only animals she's allergic to)

Extracurricular: Magical Theory and Ancient Studies

Wand: Eleven and two fourths inches of unyielding cedar wood with a unicorn tail hair core

Pet: A small female Scops owl named Pip who is pretty much useless for anything but cheery companionship but Amelia still loves her as the owl was a gift from her father when she got her letter.

Love Intrest: None. While she’s had crushes before she wants to focus more on her learning and securing her future first.


Father: August Marion Taylor

Mother: Katie Laura Taylor (formerly Baker)

Siblings: Lucy Ann Taylor

Upbringing: Amelia was raised knowing that magic existed after her abilities showed but overall she was raised among muggles and in a muggle society. Amelia was doted on by her parents and her intelligence praised. She could do no wrong as a child and was always told to embrace her differences that set her apart from other kids her age.

Backstory: August Taylor and Katie Baker met in 1998 when the war was going on (this would be around the time of the Deathly Hallows) and August, fearing for his life like most witches and wizards at the time, took to hiding instead of attempting to fight back and during this time of him hiding out he met a young lawyer, Katie. Katie found August charming and a relationship quickly bloomed between them resulting only a few months later in Katie falling pregnant with Amelia. Not long after the war ended Amelia was born and her parents became engaged, despite realizing they barely knew each other and it could end badly.

As a child Amelia’s life was a happy one, it was a time of peace in the wizarding world after all which had a ripler effect into the muggle world so she grew up happy and healthy, living a mostly muggle life until her powers began to show. At this point, her father came clean to her mother (who was disbelieving at first but it's hard to deny it when you see your daughter levitate toys in her hands) and begin to teach Amelia about the world she would one day become a part of, making her eager for her future. During this time was when it came to light just how intelligent she was and when her parents began to encourage her to push herself and put her intelligence to the test and she became what seemed to her to be the center of her parents universe. That changed when Lucy was born not long after Amelia’s ten birthday, her parents attention turning to the new baby and leaving Amelia feeling left out and just a bit jealous which led to her rebellious streak which still carried on after she got her letter to Hogwarts.

In her first year Amelia was sorted into Ravenclaw, something that gave her great pride, and this is when she met Louis Thomas (no relation to Dean Thomas) and they became fast friends and are still best friends in her seventh year. Amelia strived to make top marks, almost failing in Astronomy and Herbology, a fact that made her irritated at herself but after her second year she decided the classes were useless to her as she wanted to become a teacher, preferably a Charms teacher as that was her favorite class and the one she did best in. Her O.W.L.s came out with the results she expected being mostly a mix of Os and Es making her parents very happy and very proud of her and she continued on with her learning, keeping the goal of becoming a teacher, although she has expressed the idea of not teaching at Hogwarts when she does and instead plans to move either to France or the U.S.

Appearance and Personality

Hair: Golden blonde hair that falls almost to her shoulders and she often doesn’t brush or even attempt to tame it so it’s a very curly and tangly mess

Eyes: Dark blue with a tiny ring of hazel around her pupil

Facial Features: Cute button nose with a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge and her cheeks and round eyes with short eyelashes set in a round face

Body Build: Tiny,petite frame with an almost flat chest and only slight curves despite her age

Height: 5”2
Weight: 121 lbs

Likes (and explanations):
Butterscotch ice cream- her and her dad have a habit of getting ice cream during her birthdays or special events (the last time her and her dad did was when she got her O.W.L. results seeing as she’s in school during her birthday though of course her parents still send her presents and after Louis found out about the old pastime he would present her with the ice cream every birthday)

Learning- she’s always been an inquisitive person and even taught herself on things she wanted to learn about or things she felt like she wasn’t taught enough about (however even she has a limit and is not a genius.. although she wishes she had a photographic memory)

Really soft stuffed animals- Amelia has a childish side she hides away and one of her favorite things to do is curl up in front of a warm fire with a good fantasy book with her favorite plush in her lap, a bright red dragon named Spark that she got when she was eleven (it was her mother’s present for her getting her letter)

Music- she likes tuning out the world and finding her own world in the music and her phone’s mostly filled with music,some purely instrumental which she likes to listen to when reading or doing homework
Muggles Books- Amelia likes the tales and stories of the wizarding world but she prefers muggle fantasy and sci fi books, although after seeing the wonders of the wizarding world, some of the fantasy loses it’s luster

Dislikes (and explanations):
Cats- She is allergic to cats and dislikes even being around them which is hard when one of her dormmates,Nina Stone, has a fluffy white cat

Lots of loud noise or large crowds- Amelia is mildly claustrophobic and being around loud noises and huge crowds makes her want to hide away and almost gives her panic attacks which makes it hard for her to navigate the school at times and often she chooses to eat outside of the great hall or at times when it’s mostly empty unless she has to and over the years of their friendship, Louis has taken to joining her so she doesn’t have to eat all alone

Sweets- Amelia’s never been a fan of sweets things outside of the butterscotch ice cream which is more a like of nostalgic meaning and memories then the ice cream itself

Legends/Famous People- She doesn’t dislikes the stories or the people themselves but Amelia has always believed that reality never rises to the grandeur of the story and prefers to learn about people on her own and not having expectations for them

Winter- Amelia detests cold weather and often hides away inside when ever she can get away with it, buried deep under a blanket cocoon until Louis comes looking for her, often with a warm drink to unfrost her.

Flaws: Her greatest flaw is her pride not allowing her to back down from challenges, She also tends to be rebellious against authority figures although this has lessened over the years, She tends to be more introverted and doesn’t like much social interaction, When wronged she can hold grudges for a long time

Redeeming Qualities: Amelia is inquisitive and intelligent making her a quick learner and easily adaptable, When she gets close to a person she is unfaltering loyal almost to a fault, Despite her flaw of pride and her rebelling she is not one to be mean to someone or try and put someone down and actually enjoys being kind and courteous, Amelia more often than not is willing to give everyone a chance despite what she may have heard of them (due to her introverted nature the person often has to approach her first though)


Astrological SIgn: Aquarius

Boggart: Despite her introverted nature and few friends she has, Amelia thrives on support and love and her worst fear would be left alone and unloved so her boggart appears as herself, curled up and whimpering with no one left to help her.

Patronus: A lynx which she has only managed to summon once while practicing due to never really needing to use it

Animagus: Her animagus is also a lynx (albeit smaller than a typical lynx) and she is unregistered due to it being the result of her intellect and daring being challenged in her third year by her classmates when after learning about Animagi she claimed she could pull it off. Amelia has only used the form twice in her life; once to prove she had done it and once during the summer after her fifth year when she’d felt like she was being followed after dark and she ran into the forest near her home and transformed to get home quicker

Social Status: Amelia doesn’t have a huge social circle and prefers to hang out with as few people as possible but she isn’t actively hated on and is instead largely ignored unless her pride overrides her good sense and makes her say things she later regrets (The animagus thing being a good example)

House Elves: Until she came to Hogwarts, Amelia had never met someone who had house elves nor had she ever met one but overall she finds them to be uniquely cute and interesting creatures but knows she could never bring herself to own one out of kindness even though house elves are treated a lot better than they once were

Quidditch: When she first learned about quidditch, Amelia was largely uncaring even avoiding the school matches until the summer after her third year when her dad took her and her mother to their first quidditch match and Amelia fell in love with the sport, becoming an avid fan but never being able to stick to one team to root for and it changes with each match

Misc/Random Trivia:

For her twelfth birthday her Uncle Jason (her dad’s youngest brother) gave her a pajama set of a t-shirt and shorts covered in cat faces as a joke knowing she hates cats. She still owns the shorts.

Despite disliking chocolate and most sweets, Amelia will drink hot chocolate when it is winter as she finds coffee too bitter unless she adds a ton of sugar to it (which makes her jittery and unfocused) and she hates the taste of tea.

Amelia loves long socks that come up to her knees or thighs. Her favorite pair are thigh high white toe socks adorned with a golden snitch pattern (she often pairs them up with her cat shorts)

She has a white spiral notebook with a raven on the back of it that was given to her by Louis to jot down things she’d find over the day that she wanted to research after she’d complained to him about forgetting stuff over the course of her day and she always carries this notebook with her.

Her favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe but her favorite book series is The Lord of The Ring

When she’s home for the summer, Amelia and Lucy have a tradition of curling up on the couch together and watch Disney movies. Amelia’s favorite is Mulan while Lucy’s favorite is The Lion King

Since Pip is too tiny of an owl to do much in the way of letter carrying (not because of breed but because Pip was born overly tiny), Amelia uses her dad’s barn owl over the summer to keep in contact with her friends and while in school she only sends letters to her parents after they send her letters. Occasionally she has used the Hogwarts owls but that’s very rare and only if she has to

Amelia swore of the game of truth and dare along with any variation of it because her friends would target her with the worst dares due to her never backing down from a challenge and she would almost never choose truth as they would goad her in much the same way to pick dare. She fianally banned this game from dorm game nights when she was dared to lick Nina Stone's cat, Snow.


No journal entries yet.


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I am seventeen years old and enjoy both writing and drawing. I'm genderfluid and I typically use female pronouns but you can use whatever you like :)

I've been writing and drawing since middle school but it doesn't mean I'm overly good at either; always improving though xD This is my second DA account; the first being Moonfire1002 but i wanted a new start on DA, although I will be uploading some of my old drawings from the original account because I feel that even if the art is bad it shows how far you can come in just a few years and I don't want to just delete my roots even if they are terrible.


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